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Yogendra Jain Live is an unplugged live band located near Andheri West in Mumbai, which offers its services for wedding music in multiple packages. They are an indo-western band based in classical music with male/female vocalists, guitarists, and artists for Octa pad, sampler, flute, table, keys, drums, Dholak, and saxophone. Heavy Rock. They present a beautiful combination of both to spellbind their audience and ensure they have a good time. They will provide services to ensure that your wedding and its other related events are the most memorable, filled with soulful music.


Services Offered

Yogendra Jain Live performs various songs ranging from Bollywood, Sufi, and Modern Rock to their compositions. Be it your sangeet or wedding ceremony itself, hiring them would leave all of your guests mesmerised and wanting more. They will ensure that all the happy memories you forge for your big day are intricately woven with the music, rhythm, and tune of their music.

No matter where your wedding destination is, within the town or outside, they can journey anywhere and provide their music assistance and assure that your wedding, as well as its related occasions, are filled with good music and entertainment. The services Yogendra Jain Live can offer include live singers and bands to create a bespoke experience for you and your guests.

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